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  Are you a performer on the stage and need audio tracks in your performances?

Within the music profession, there are several distinct sectors by the type of activity. One of these sectors, very numerous indeed, is formed by professionals who carry out their work in small places, or for small audiences, and varying very often the ambience and type of audience.

They tend to be musicians that, throughout his professional career, can even change of musical genre, or get to maintain several very disparate genres into their repertoire. Even when that is not so, these professionals need to keep alive a very wide repertoire, to accommodate it , whenever possible, to the expectations of the audience.

In these situations, you can choose an unplugged show, with just acoustic instruments and voices, or a more elaborated sound environment with electronic instruments that generate a more complete set of instruments. More recently these electronic stuff is being replaced for pre-recorded audio tracks, that allow further customization of the songs.

This artist-audience relationship is very special, because when an audience attends a concert of a famous artist, both the audience and the artist, usually have clear expectations of what will happen, but for these professionals, the success or failure of the surprise the public will get, will depend, among other reasons, of which repertoire the artist will offer.

This disparity of environments and audiences, puts these professionals in different situations with different challenges. Since wowing quiet audiences with evocative music in a Pub or restaurant, until taking responsibility for the dancefloor of a wedding or similar event, leaving a satisfied audience with the proper dynamism .

Many times, we leave in the drawer, songs that should embed well in certain moments, but they didn't attended to our mind. We could decide previously wich songs we are going to play in our show, but we would be wasting the valuable feedback that the audience provides us with their response to our elections of repertoire, and that is undoubtedly, one of the most important keys to always be successful with diverse audiences.

These reflections carry us to the conclusion that , the repertoire is a cornerstone in this type of work, and it's proper classification, and management on stage, are vital to not waste opportunities to satisfy the public, and therefore, to the one who hires us.

  Discover the first tool made to suit your needs.

MusICPot has been developed to confront these challenges and provide many tools and features specifically conceived and designed by musicians. MusICPot will help us to achieve dynamism without downtime between songs. To remind us the lyrics, the structure, the chords or any notation that we can write on text, for songs that perhaps, we dont use often, or are new in our repertoire. To classify and easily find appropriate songs during a performance, etc... In short, to make our work easier and more efficient.
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