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39   € + V.A.T.


Maximum use of space on the screen with the Auto-hide function.

Lyrics or scores sincronized with music.

Labels: allows a useful visual classification of the repertoire.

Clock with Big-Time and elapsed time function.

Safe-Connection system that allows hot-plug the MIDI port in case of accidental disconnection.

Complete customization of colors, sizes, fonts and screens positions.

Auto-Programable volume per song and project.

Full management of your repertoire from any MIDI device.

Lyrics editor for a quick and comfort editing , and a set of colors to customize different parts in a lyrics.

Very simple lyrics movement programming per song and project.

MIDI Focus function to retrieve the MusICPot focus from a MIDI controller.

Multiple combined selection to make easier the editing of the list.

And much more...

Discover the tool intended to suit your needs

Develop your work on stage and need audio tracks in your performances?

There are many programs to play audio, but few of them focused on the needs of a singer who jumps alone to the stage or a musician who needs the support of a musical track. MusICPot is designed trying to cover the most of those needs that may arise in this area of work.

Tired of using programs inadequate, slow and tedious?

In the absence of an appropriate software, we usually use one application to solve each problem. For example: a program to play the audio, one to watch the lyrics or the scores and another one to be able to consult the list of repertoire. This implies us a great loss of concentration and fluidity. A ballast in our work that MusICPot can mend..

Need to adjust the volume of each song whenever you play it?

One of the more usual problems with audio tracks, is the volume differences between them, specially when they came from different sources. MusICPot implements a function that saves automatically the last volume used in each song, once the playback is stopped.

Are you a singer using a karaoke program to view the lyrics?

Karaoke programs are very good applications for certain situations, but when used in a professional environement, put us into disrepute. A good professional who needs to keep alive a very broad or changing repertoire may need to watch some lyrics or scores, but using a program designed for amateurs, looks disqualified for the audience or the people that hired him.

Lighting problems to consult the list of repertoire or lyrics?

Sometimes we have to face situations in which the success of a party, or the ambience of a place, it depends on how appropriate is the songs flow. This may require a constant query to the list of repertoire, and sometimes, while we are singing. An important detail to assure our success, is the effectiveness to access to the visual information we need. With all that information in the properly illuminated screen, MusICPot allows us to manage this tasks in an organized, efficient and easy way.

Would you like to be able to handle your repertoire from your MIDI keyboard or controller?

With the proliferation of new electronic tools in the stage, it is important to centralize management tasks, so what benefits us on the one hand, don't put us out of the way on the other. That's why MusICPot allows control through MIDI messages, of all necessary live features.